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One-on-one relating can be rewarding. However, you need to be ready for the other party to manifest what might seem like odd facets of his or her personality. Instead of criticizing or being put off, enjoy this person's differences.

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The unexpected occurs. Tonight: Opt for togetherness. Defer to a loved one who has the right idea. Even when others have the best intentions, you can't always count on them to come through for you. They could run into unexpected and unanticipated developments.

Despite obstacles, remain centred. Tonight: Accept an invitation.

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Pace yourself in order to get through as much as possible. Despite the fact that it's only Monday, you could be overloaded. Confusion surrounds a domestic or real estate issue. Try to avoid a confrontation at all costs. Time might help. Tonight: Squeeze in some exercise. You could be overly serious and raining on a close associate's parade. Try to be more sensitive to others.

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Verbalize what you're feeling; you might be delighted by what you hear. As a result, a new beginning becomes possible. Expect the unexpected. Tonight: Head home. When you're dealing with a roommate or family member, your more playful side emerges. You are quickly learning that matters pertaining to your domestic life or any real estate property you own could spiral out of control. Be prepared for anything. Tonight: Happiest at home.

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You have the right words and the correct instincts to pull off a long-term desire. You might become aware that you say one thing but do another, thereby creating conflict.

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LIBRA always tries to keep the peace. You might feel pressure that's coming from various fronts. You feel as though you need to handle these various sectors of your life.

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Open up discussions. Ask yourself whether you sometimes need pressure or an argument to motivate you. Tonight: Make dinner an easy happening. You're likely to do exactly what you feel, which will surprise many different people. Be prepared for an equally candid response. You could be stunned by what you hear. At the same time, someone feisty is opening a door into how he or she views life. Tonight: Visit with a pal. Curb a need to splurge. Handle a personal matter differently. You have the ability to get past a problem with ease; just tap into your creativity and imagination.

What you come up with could delight many people. Tonight: Squeeze in some exercise. Emphasize a domestic or personal issue. You might not feel as comfortable as you normally do. Once a conversation starts, you might be surprised by how at ease you feel. Please note that discomfort often motivates you. Tonight: Order in; invite a friend over. You might not realize how much self-confidence you have.

Often, you take for granted that if you speak to someone, the answer can only be yes. Understand that the principle works in general but not always. Be sensitive to others.

Early-morning tension works itself through when you decide to be more playful and get together with some friends. Whether you get into a favourite pastime or go off chatting over an early dinner makes no difference.

You relax. Tonight: Make plans to be with a favourite person. You could be expressive and direct. You might be dealing with a change that could stress you out. Be careful: Your temper is close to the surface. If pushed, you might say things that you later wish you hadn't.

Tonight: Push comes to shove. You have a lot to share, and you will say it loud and clear.

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Investigate a personal matter; your opinion will differ from others. You have the ability to look at the whole issue from different perspectives. The decisions you make seem unusual to many people. Tonight: Move past the obvious in a discussion. One-on-one relating could point to a radical change in perspective. Be careful to not overspend, but rather keep a strong sense of your budget.

You will be able to make headway where others cannot. Flow with the moment and stay on top of what is important. Tonight: Be with a favourite person. You could be a lot more fiery and hurt than you are aware. You could lose your temper out of the blue.

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Note that someone is egging you on to get a certain response. You have free choice. You do not have to react. Tonight: As you like it. Listen to what is being shared, though you might not want to acknowledge it.