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Always seek consultation with a qualified health care professional with regards to any health concerns. This information is intended for informational and research purposes only. Another brand in Canada is Thompsons. They carry cell salt tinctures for those who are intolerant even of the small amount of lactose in the tablets.

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When I discovered this little gem , was so grateful…. Book of the Month. What does an Astrologer Do? June 20, Tissue Salts. Footer What you are and what you do should not be a hairbreadth apart. The Buddha. Amazing Astrological Tool. Looking for something else? Search this site In tissue and fluid of nerve, brain and muscle cells.

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For depression and sadness. Nerve issues like Shingles very helpful for the pain right away every half hour. I have a personal story to share if it would be helpful. Tension headaches, memory. With Mag. Helpful for timid, unhappy, fretful children. In blood vessel walls and cell coats. Colds that affect the throat Taurus and are rooted in Digestive System. Ailments from humid, damp conditions. In every body tissue except bone. For mucous congestion, glandular swelling, coughs especially chronic inflammation. Ears, throat, lungs, tonsils.

Headaches if constipated, white tongue coating or liver is sluggish.

With Kali. Calcarea Fluorica Calcium Flouride Elasticity.

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In surface of bones, blood vessels and muscle tissue. For varicose veins, cracked skin, hemorrhoids, muscle and ligament injuries.

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  • The containers of the body are nourished like the air sacks and stomach. Helps with emphysema, loose teeth, diseases of the bone surface, muscle elasticity. Symptoms are worse in humid conditions. Magnesium Phosphate Nerve and Muscle Relaxant. In blood, bone and teeth. It is an anti-spasmodic.

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    Helps menstrual and other cramps, hiccups, neuralgia, sciatica, headaches with stabbing pains, flatulence can be a deficiency of magnesium. Magnesium is an important preventive mineral against heart attacks. Works well dissolved taken with a bit of hot water. In cells lining the skin. Works with Ferrum Phosphate to carry oxygen from the blood to the tissue cells.


    Helps distribute oils in the body thus good for digestive process. Good when there is a sticky yellow discharge from skin or mucous membrane. For hair, dry scaly skin, dandruff, chicken pox, also intestinal disorders and inflammatory conditions to promote sweating. Natrum Phosphoricum Sodium phosphate Acid Neutraliser.


    In blood, bone, muscle nerve and brain cells. Deficiency can cause kidney stones and gout. Helps kidney function, emotional equilibrium, fat assimilation, lumbago, fibrositis. Calcarea Sulphuricum Calcium sulphate Blood Purifier and healer. In skin cells, connective tissue, bile and blood from the liver.

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    Coats the sexual and elimination organs. Cleans out decaying toxic matter. For wounds that heal slowly and detoxification. Septic conditions. Prevention of sore throat and colds if taken at first symptom. For teenage acne and pimples, take with Kali Mur.