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For example, Wednesday is a great day to work on correspondence as it is ruled by Mercury, a planet incredibly attuned to clear communication. Learning the planetary personalities and each meaning of days opens a whole new realm of potential growth.

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A fabulous flow of energy can be created when we work with the planetary attributes rather than blindly moving through our week. Simply put, knowing astrological meaning of days gives us a secret weapon for success and productivity because we are working with the cosmic orbits, not against. Below is a list of planets and luminaries that rule over each weekday along with suggested tasks that are optimum for tackling each day.

Check out each to get a good bead on the astrological symbolic meaning of days. As always, thank you for reading. May all your days be illuminating! The idea here is to coordinate our choices and actions with days that resonate the best for us according to our sign. Find out more about zodiac sign dates here. Symbolic List of Planets This article offers a list of planets shown in their symbolic and esoteric perspectives.

Looking at the personality of each planet offers deeper understanding of the influence they have in our lives. Includes meaning of luminaries sun and moon too. Get all symbolic planet meanings here. You May Also Like March 19, March 19, March 12, March 12, Skip to content.

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Planetary Influences and Astrological Meaning of Days. Have you ever noticed how each weekday has a distinct feel to it? This is partly because of the planet governing the day. Astrological Meaning of Days. Many people report Monday as the most challenging day of the week. We can counteract fast fluctuations in lunar energy by taking note of the phase of the moon every Monday. See more symbolic Moon meanings here. Tuesday: Mars — Mars is an aggressive planet. In fact, its namesake in Greek myth was the god of war.

Tuesday is a driving force in the workweek, and will auger a sense of productivity, competition, effectiveness, determination and completion. With these kinds of energies in the forefront, Tuesday is the perfect day for finishing long overdue tasks. Conversely, Tuesday is also a great day to start new projects.

Best tasks for Tuesdays: Building strategies at work and in career, acting on new ideas, starting new projects, cleaning out clutter, exercising, finishing to-do lists or catching up. Check out more Mars meanings here. Wednesday: Mercury — Mercury is the messenger of the heavens. It facilitates clear communication, and carries new information to our awareness in extremely precise and effective ways. Mercury also augers higher perception too. I love the synchronicity of Wednesday landing in the middle of the week because it gives a pervasive sense of connectivity.

Best tasks for Wednesdays: Communication of course! Catch up on emails, thank you notes, letters, phone calls, etc. Wednesday is a good day to sign contracts that is, if Mercury is not in a retrograde too.

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Mercury is also a beneficent energy for short travel, so plan your day trips accordingly. Get more Mercury meanings here. LifeSign horoscope holds high state of precision in Vedic calculations that serves to give authentic forecast reports. Astro-Vision LifeSign with Parihara This exceptional astrology software offers accurate and complete horoscope calculations and predictions based on the Indian system of predictive astrology.

GemFinder The Planetary effect and Dasa-Balance are also considered for gem recommendation.

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The system of horoscope analysis is used for general recommendations while the stellar healing principles of direct remedies are used for specific illness and problems. Astro-Vision DigiTell 9. In case of incompatibility between birth number and name number, DigiTell Numerology Software also offers a tool to tweak or tune your name so that it is compatible with your birth number. Astro-Vision NameFinder presents you with beautiful and meaningful names for your baby.

The Name Finder software provides a vast number of names along with its meanings chosen based on your preferences like religion, sex etc. Astro-Vision YearGuide 3. The Varshaphal Period covers an entire year from the day of Varsha Pravesh, which is approximately from one birthday to another. Yearly Forecast can be generated for a total period of upto 10 years. It helps to calculate auspicious time and in answering queries Prasna.

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StarClock Plus 1. This software serves as a handbook for every Vedic astrology related query. The Chinese Animal zodiac is a repeating cycle of 12 years with each year being represented by animal sign, calculated according to the Chinese Lunar calendar. Thus everyone gets a birth sign named after one of these 12 animals which makes up the Chinese horoscope. Astro-Vision's LifeSign Star This astrology software suite is a combination of 8 different astrology software products, ideal for business users.

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