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Here comes the crazy part I thought I knew all therewas to know about Aries men but this guy Every time I decide to try and forget him, and believe me this Isvery hard for me, he's back with a vengeance and the cycle starts all overagain. The sexual chemistry between us Is amazing and I totally like my ownspace as does this guy, but I just don't know where I stand with him. I am an Aries man. Married 14 years to an Aries woman. We've beentogether for 20 years. Now In our late 30's. We've managed to raise 2 wonderfulchildren and reclaim love lost without divorce.

It Is my opinion that theinstability between Aries people comes from the desire to hold on to theexternal lives that we have Envisioned for ourselves; our desire to see whateveryone around us Is not doing what we would have them do, as according to thepeople we are , the tendency Is to forget that we all have free will to makeourselves happy. We need to learn patience. Let go of constant desire to willpower over the other. To bring an Aries close let them go. To have them want tobe with you, fill your hands with those things that they have need or desireof.

In other words, pay attention to what they want, not what you want,sometimes. Be willing to put pride 2nd to the well being of therelationship. Most Aries people I know are spiritually aware. Begin and end the day In prayer with each other. Its far more Intimate than sex. Its also aplatform for reconciliation.

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I hope this helped a little. Good Luck! I am an Aries woman, dating an Aries man going on 3 yr's now I didn't really love him as much as I knewhe did me. But his love for me eventually I fell In love Into our second yr andits what has kept It still going, I don't want to hurt him and he doesn't want tohurt him. I don't really know how to read him.. It like a win lose though for me becauseI cant help my fire side of new Interest. I never have been in love with an Aries women and am presently with a Sag. Things with us seem to go up and down. I did however, I am sorry to say, have a fling with an Aries woman who was with someone also.

We were friends at work but I always fancied her and then some stuff happened. I don't really know to judge the whole thing really. Part of it makes me guilty but it was at a bad period of my relationship. The sexual stuff and general feel of things was fantastic, but I didn't find it easy to discuss things. I really tried not to stray and kind of told my girlfriend I was gonna do it, but I don't know if she knows the full details.

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I went out with an Aries man and the beginning wuz great but he was 2 much like me!!. Hello, I am an Aries girl who was with an Aries guy my age for 3 years. At first, the conversations were great and we got along great. Behind my back though, he told his friends he was using me and could drop me whenever he wanted to. He was deceiving and an absolute coward. He couldn't even defend me when his parents criticized me. He knew they had no reason to do so but kept his mouth shut.

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Then I found out he had cheated on me during out relationship with a handful of girls. I was the most devoted, and caring girlfriend he could ever find! That asshole.. He always said I was weak minded because he had the ability to convince me to believe him. I didn't have a weak mind, I just loved him and he saw this as a weakness. That fucker had a weak heart though, because he couldn't take it when I left. Just goes to show that us Aries women can be quite strong, and too caring and easily lead, to the point of being deceived, but we are strong enough to get through it.

I'm not saying all Aries men are like this, but watch out. After 2 yrs almost now that we've been broken up he still wants to talk to me and see me, but being the strong headed Aries I am, I won't give him the satisfaction. He hasn't heard my voice, nor seen me in all this time. Take care of your Aries woman! Once you've hurt her, she'll be cold to you forever, and you'll realize what a woman you lost.

I am an Aries woman and have fallen for an Aries man. We met online and both started falling in love, but then he got scared and backed off. I am mad about him and have even suffered a heart attack since I met him. I am sure it was a broken heart as he stopped speaking to me and it nearly killed me. He has finally started to say hello again to me but not much more. His ex died of Cancer and I know he is scared to be with someone again.

I am so full of love for him, its just so sad :. I just found out he is already dating someone else after literally us only not talking for that month and a bit and he has been with her for a month. So I have wished him well and sent him on his way with much love. He is definately not the man for me if he can do that so quickley then it shows he was not falling in love with me or even cared for me.

Atleast I know I can love someone and I am a good person I suppose that is my lesson from this and not to go falling in love with strangers online haha. Lucky my heart still works :. Im an Aries woman who got married very young to a Cancer man I'm Aries woman I'm invole with Aries man we so mush a like and the crazy thing is our bday is only a day apart. He was born on da 8th and I was born on da 9th of april.

But he not talkin to me rite now cause I say something about how I was feelin. I told him I think you not good for me and now he's so mad at me he don't even want to see me. I don't know what else to do or say to him lettin him kno I'm sorry. So I quess that was end of my lil fairytale.

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More you can keep you're shout sometime. I am an Aries woman with an Aries man. We started out friends And ended up dating after three years of a good friendship we've been together for two and still feels like the first few months. Sometimes we fight if we have boring days or conversations but make up easily.

The sex is lovely and it scares me to read how a lot of these Aries relationships have flopped! I think it can either be really good or disastrous. But currently I am loving this. The one thing you should never do though is make an Aries man feel like he's your everything. Because they try and try to be for years to come. And it's true I love my boyfriend but my art and job comes first. But he's definitely half of my heart.

We do well like this. But without. Doubt it does take some work to keep it full of fire. But I have always loved this challenge :. I was in a relationship with an Aries man, and I absolutely fell in love with him. He was everything I ever wanted, and even though in the short time we were together I fell deeply in love, maybe it's just my Aries ways of believing in "love at first sight" and I did put him up in this pedestal and I showered him with affection which in return he broke up with me because he said I was "crowding his space".

I just wanted to love him and treat him good, that's all I ever wanted. I would've never broke his heart, hurt him in anyway because I loved him too much Til this day, I still can't let him go Hopefully, this Aries man will recognize his mistake soon and turn back to me.

Im an Aries woman with a physco crazy Leo boyfriend. I have been with him for 8 yrs but have been so in love with my Aries man. I'm an Aries woman involved with an Aries man. Our birthdays are one day apart April 9 and April We started out as friends in high school and fell for each other our senior year. It's been 4 years and we're planning on getting married in another year.

I love him so much! I never thought this would work. We have different interests and are not always so pleased with each other, but it all works out in the end. They approach to love battlefield as true conquerors. The Aries man is the one who decides the battlefield, the weapon of choice and, in the most cases, the one that is victorious. They are breathtaking and irresistible. Means of success in love of all Ares men are striking smile, flirt, well-measured compliments and their aura of strength, toughness and manliness. While Aries men do extremely well when it comes to seducing, their minds are set to find the ideal lifelong partner.

Aries men seek for a challenge in love. They seek for women that are strong enough to confront them; it makes their ever-burning flame of passion and desire even stronger. They need a partner that is self-confident, bold, but understanding and compassionate. They are gentle in love, caring and protective; they will do everything to please their women and they are masters in bed.

Aries women are playful by nature, energetic and active. However, just like Aries men, they are well-grounded and they seek for stability.

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Aries women are particularly efficient in organizing their time; they are rational and self-confident. These incredible ladies are persistent and strong; they are never easily discouraged if things go wrong. Aries women, unlike Aries men, are patient and paced. Aries women enjoy being in center of attention. They are capable, driven and ambitious. In addition, they love challenges, especially in professional terms. It is very likely you would meet them on positions expected to be managed by men. Aries women do amazingly well with words and their preferred area of professional development are practices of law.

These strong women are full of enthusiasm; they often lead and inspire others. Many other women see role models in Aries ladies. They are dominant, charismatic and dynamic. Aries women are very sporty; they do best in individual sport disciplines or as captains. Minor positions are not meant for dominant Aries women. They are adventurous and fiery, so they need a partner who would enjoy their incredible energy and be tolerant.

They do not make a good match with equally fiery partners, because such relationships burn out quite fast; they are only good at beginnings. Aries women just love challenges. When it comes to searching for love, they are likely to go out of all borders, only to find the perfect match. If you are in love with an Aries lady, you will have to do really hard to keep her interested and intrigued. As we have seen, both Aries men and Aries women are strong characters, full of energy, adventurous, addicted to challenges and fearless in realization of their dreams and fulfilling their deepest desires.

If you have them together, that is a dangerous, fiery combination! This astrological couple carries extreme energy and potential for passionate and strong romantic feelings. Aries couples are direct and open in expressing their emotions; they are extremely communicative and they tend to put whatever they feel into words.

They have no secrets.

Aries Woman

The very beginning of any Aries and Aries relationship is open, direct, straight to the point, as well. They love to flirt and seduce, but they are quite open in it; there are no mystery games. Aries is in general a realistic, practical and direct zodiac sign, so partners that are both Aries see to have the real picture about the other one. They rarely have illusions about one another, because they avoid idealizing their partners.

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This makes their relationship honest and reliable. Aries partners seek mutual confidence, but it is not that easy to build. This makes them both hard fully to trust one another. It is very likely that an innocent situation that later proves benign escalate into a dramatic argument and even lead to separation.

As we have said, these are fiery, temperamental personalities. However, if they find a way to go through such situations, by accepting the fact they are a bit sensitive to the very idea of dishonesty by nature, they could gradually build up strong mutual confidence. This would make an Aries and Aries match amazingly stable. Love life of these two together could be stable and exciting at the same time and in a long run.

To put it simply, this is the fieriest combination of all zodiac marriage matches. These two active, energetic, very passionate and sexual people are an amazing marriage combination, if they learn how to trust one another, which is what we were talking before.

Marriage of two Aries is like a never-ending firework! These two have to build mutual trust and understanding; if that is so, nothing could stop them. Aries woman and Aries man never tire of one another, which is an extremely positive condition to keep their marriage full of excitement, vital and long lasting. Aries people are quick-tempered, both men and women, so it is likely they would often confront one another over small disagreement.

However, they would easily settle things down in the most pleasing of places, their bed! That means they should never work together in professional sense, but it could also apply to housework division and such. They would do best of they make detailed organization of what each of them should take care of. Aries spouses are jealous and they argument all the time, which is, to say so, their modus operandi.